Progress Report by the Government of Makueni


Report of the Activities Undertaken by Beacon during their Visit to Makueni from July 26th – July 2nd 2014

by the Government of Makueni County


1.1   Background

Beacon Humanitarian International (BHI) organization based in Salt Lake City in Utah visited Makueni County with an aim of establishing partnership and collaboration with the County Government. The organization was represented by a team of 14 people (4 adults and 10 teenagers) who expressed commitment and passion to engage in various development initiatives geared towards meaningful and sustainable development of Makueni County citizens.

For many years, Beacon Humanitarian has consistently helped people in Kenya with food, clean water, education and medicine. The organization in collaboration with Care4Kenya continues to mobilize resources to support developing countries.

The Beacon Care4Kenya is a youth project formed by teenagers whose main goal is to help children in impoverished countries like Kenya. Their goal is to create meaningful experience and develop their self-worth while making a great impact on other children’s lives.


The following activities were undertaken by Beacon Humanitarian International during their visit to Makueni County.

2.1.1   Visit to schools and surrounding communities

During their one week stay in Makueni County, the team visited several schools and communities identifying the felt or pressing needs and priorities that need special intervention and support. For instance, some of the key priorities and areas of focus as presented by parents and school management of Yikisemei primary school include; construction of a borehole, furnishing the school with lockers and chairs, construction of a computer lab, provision of sporting facilities, learning/teaching facilities (books & learning aids), transformation of the school to a boarding school, fencing and establishment of a school feeding programme.

Additionally, the team donated items such as foot balls, musical instruments, sanitary towels, underwears, writing materials and clothes to schools and communities.

2.1.2      Support for schools

  1. Yikisemei primary

Beacon Humanitarian promised to construct a borehole and offered three sponsorships for (two girls and one boy) in the school. They promised to establish a school feeding programme which will benefit the children for a period of 6 months or more depending on availability of funds. Besides this, the President of the organization requested a list of all the orphaned children in the school and hopefully they will support their education and other expenses.

  1. Kalongo primary

Grading of the school playground and construction of a borehole are some of the needs that were identified for support. The office of the Governor was requested to prepare and submit a budget for grading of the playground.

  • Goodshepherd secondary school

During the visit to the school, one of the students had a chance to display her art work and this caught the attention of one of the team members who promised to provide the school with art supplies.

Other areas of support presented by the school management include: equipping of the computer laboratory and construction of a school library among others.

  1. Teresia Academy & Formation Centre

The team promised to support St. Teresia Academy & Formation centre with the following;

  • Establishment of a music club
  • Support for musical instruments
  • Soccer uniforms and shoes

More so, the team also identified various boys and girls and promised to support their education.

  1. Visit to Kasue Girls secondary school

The team attended a prize giving ceremony in the school and a fundraising in aid of construction of a second girls’ dormitory.

2.2   Visit to the Governor’s office

The team held a meeting with the Deputy Governor and ECM Water in the Governor’s boardroom on July 31st. Some of the issues discussed during the meeting were launch of the well, various county development projects with key focus on the ministry of water and the Makueni County First Lady’s Sanitary towels project. The Deputy Governor also explained to them the structure of the county government and the various functions of the two levels of government. 

2.3   Launch of a Well

The well which was donated by Beacon Humanitarian International and Care4Kenya USA youth was officially launched and presented to the residents of Matinga village, Kibwezi West Sub-county in Kikumbulyu South on 1st August 2014.The Deputy Governor H.E. Hon. Adelina Mwau officially launched the water project.

The launch was also attended by the area MCA Hon. Kiswii, ECM Water Jacobus Kiilu, Director for Tourism Diana Muli, Sub county Administration, representatives from Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) and community members.

2.4   Visit to communities

During their visits and interaction with community members, some families were given cash tokens to cater for their immediate needs. Other beneficiaries include two young girls from Matinga village whose education expenses will be catered for by the organization.

2.5   Visit to Chulu hills

The team visited various tourists’ attraction sites in the County including Chulu hills. They promised to share their experiences with the team planning to visit the County next year.


During a fare well party held at the Deputy Governor’s residence, the President of Beacon Mr. Nickson Kasue stated that priority will be given to the following areas:

  • Makueni sanitary towels initiative– The organization will help in resource mobilization to ensure that school going girls in Makueni County have access to sanitary towels.
  • Construction of Boreholes & sand dams– Beacon will work with the County Government in addressing the water challenge which has been identified as a major obstacle in eradication of poverty and attainment of sustainable development in the county.
  • Building linkages & Networks with Investors– Establish strong linkages and networks with investors and the Government of Makueni to ensure growth in all sectors.
  • Honor promises given to various schools visited


The partnership by Beacon Humanitarian International and the County Government of Makueni is believed to give birth to many other projects to be implemented in the County.

The organization’s has employed a great initiative of engaging teenagers in project design, planning and implementation and this strategy can be replicated in the county whereby young people in schools are engaged at an early age in community development initiatives.

As a matter of fact, young people if actively involved in development initiatives have the power to transform societies because they can influence their parents, their peers and the entire community for social change and transformation.

I believe that this is just a beginning of many other projects to come and look forward for further collaboration and cooperation between Beacon Humanitarian International and the Peoples’ Government of Makueni County.

What being a Beacon Humanitarian Child is all about

(Esther, Bailey and Dustin – at their fund-raising event)

The Beacon Children Club has been created by kids whose main goal is to help children in impoverished countries like Kenya.

Their goal is to create a meaningful experience and develop their self-worth for themselves while making a big impact on other children’s lives. This is a good foundation in turning our kids’ life around toward a positive direction.

For many years, Beacon Humanitarian has consistently helped people in Kenya with food, clean water, education and medicine. Now, with the partnership of Care4Kenya, we continue to build more resources through children’s projects in African countries.

This year, our goal to send our first batch of Beacon Children to Kenya by September 2014. They will focus on building their own projects: water wells for each community by each child and forming a soccer program.

For those who are interested in joining Beacon Children Club or having your kids join the club, please fill up the contact form below.

If you want to make a donation to their projects, click on the link: DONATE

And if you have any questions or concerns, you can call us at 1-801-694-7071 or email us at: or fill up the contact form below:

What is Beacon Humanitarian International Organization?


BEACON HUMANITARIAN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION is an Independent international 501C3 registered nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing communities with the help they need to become self reliant.

One of its main goals is by bringing children together to help Kenyan children in need.

We have done projects in different African countries like Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Republic of Congo, Southern Sudan, Gabon, Angola, and Ghana

We also have partnered with other non-profit organizations like “In Our Own Quiet Way”

Why Donate to Beacon Humanitarian International?

Donate Button with Credit Cards

BEACON receives the donated money and directly allocates the funds to the humanitarian projects that BEACON has conceived and directs. Through BEACON’S management, ninety percent of every dollar goes directly to where it is needed most, be it a school, medical clinic, well project, etc.  This is what makes BEACON so effective and different. NOT ONE CENT of your donation is funneled through a middle man! You can take comfort knowing that your donations go directly to BEACON and in turn, directly to our humanitarian aid projects.

BEACON and its force of volunteers in the US and Africa, as well as volunteers from the selected communities that are directly impacted by BEACONS’ projects, are performing all the required labor to ensure a timely result.

BEACON HUMANITARIAN INTERNATIONAL is looking for donations for the following projects:

EDUCATION CENTERS. We will be building  3 of these centers in Kenya. These Educations centers will be a centrally located building where students can come to study and learn. The centers will have reference materials and the areas first computers with internet connection. Cost per Education Center $ 80,000.00 USD

  1. WATER WELLS. The wells we build are designed so that they can be upgraded at future dates from hand pump to either electric or wind powered with storage tanks and gravity feed for surrounding communities. Cost per well with hand pump. $ 6000.00 – 8,000.00 USD
  2. MEDICAL CLINICS. 4 clinics nearing completion, funds for roof material, doors, windows, and electrical needed. Cost  $ 6,800.00 USD
  3. STUDENT SUPPLY KITS. These kits should supply a student for 2 – 4 schools years. Kits contain, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, ruler, scissors, glue sticks, paper, pencil box and carry bag. The kits are given to local Park City students to assemble and the students also include a note and picture of themselves. Beacon will hand deliver the kits to Kenyan students. Cost per kit – $ 12.00USD / includes shipping.

Education in Africa

African children have no future without education. Their education is the key to a future of greater economic, social, political stability and improved standards of living.

  • 42 million school children in sub-Saharan Africa are not enrolled in school.
  • Primary school enrollments and literacy rates in Africa are among the lowest in the world.
  • Many children cannot afford to go to or stay in primary school.
Beacon is building a secondary school in Mbukoni and the first primary school in Kithing’iso. Beacon has also provided learning materials and uniforms throughout the region, with many more projects in the works.

One of Beacon’s future plans is to bring in other humanitarian groups, such as Global Grass Roots, a non-profit organization which invests in social entrepreneurship, to advance women’s well-being in poor countries. By doing this we can better address all the needs of this region.

Beacon Water Development


The vast majority of the citizens of rural Kenya do not have access to potable water  “more than half of Africa’s people lack access to safe drinking water” (UN). In the Kibwezi region, citizens, usually women and children, have to walk or bicycle many miles to water sources, which are often contaminated. These water sources are also major sources of parasites and disease.

This system of securing water for everyday household use is extremely inefficient and laborious, taking women and children away from productive economic activity and education, respectively.

BEACON is working to repair existing wells and to bring on line 5 more new wells in this region, with another 10 in planning and funding stage.

Beacon Children Club


The purpose or objective of the Beacon Children Club is to present students with an opportunity to realize the positive influence and life changing  impact they can have in another persons life, particularly a person of meager circumstances such as the village children in the Kibwezi region of Kenya. (remote area between Nairobi and Mombasa)

The Club goal of the Beacon Children Club is to engage the students in the concept, design, fundraising and ultimately the construction of a “Resource Center” in the Kibwezi Region of Kenya.

The resource center will house school reference materials as well as the regions first computers.  These computers will link the students at PCHS to the students in Kenya and enable the first direct interface these students in Kenya have ever experienced. (They do not even know what a computer is yet).

Ultimately, the goal would be to take the club members as well as any faculty or parents who wish to participate, to Kenya (under the direction of Beacon Humanitarian International, a local non profit organization who is presently engaged in building schools in this region) to construct from the ground up, the actual “resource center” which they designed. This is where fundraising will be key.

COSTS & Requirements The goal is to raise enough money to cover the travel costs of each student, advisor and BHI escort, as well as the building costs of the resource center. If we are not able to raise the money to cover all the costs, there may be some out of pocket cost to the student for travel.

For more information or to donate – contact us at:

Health Care in Africa

BeaconMillions of people in Africa do not have access to any form of health care! In the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Majority of the operational health care centers that were  once available to its citizens, are now in a state of disrepair or abandonment due to war and political unrest. In the DRC alone, a modest estimate shows that 37% of the population or roughly 18.5 million citizens do not have any health care available to them. Beacon is working to change this problem.

In Katanga,  in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Beacon is helping with the restoration of hospitals and other medical facilities that have been damaged, neglected, or abandoned, due to the lack of funds and instability in the region. Globus Relief will be donating  $500,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies to get these facilities up and operational.

Beacon is actively working in the prevention of Malaria in several provinces of the Cuvett Basin. Of the 12 monitored diseases, Malaria is the most prevalent, and accounts for more than half (52.4%) of recorded deaths in the Congo. Beacon is evaluating mosquito eradication and net programs.

In Kenya, Beacon has seven medical clinics in various stages of completion. These clinics will serve 250,000 Kenyan citizens living in the Kibwezi Region of Kenya. With partners like Globus Relief we can help give these communities the needed medical care and instruction they need. Globus Relief has committed to supplying these clinics with beds, medical equipment, medical supplies, electrical power, and nutritional supplements. Beacon is also working with several doctor and nursing groups along with individual doctors who have committed to donated their time to these clinics.